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How it all comes together

At Crane Transports, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional freight transportation services through the power of technology. We leverage advanced software programs to effectively manage our business, optimize routing, and dispatch our fleet with unmatched efficiency. Our state-of-the-art tools, such as McLeod TMS, Samsara, and PC Miler, enable us to provide real-time updates, ensure driver safety, and deliver outstanding service to our clients.

At Crane Transports, we continually embrace new technologies to enhance our operations and deliver exceptional service. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with the utilization of advanced software, sets us apart in the industry. Experience the benefits of real-time updates, efficient dispatching, and unparalleled customer service. Join us on our journey to revolutionize freight transportation through technology-driven solutions. Crane Transports is your trusted partner for all your transportation needs.


McLeod Software

Our comprehensive Transportation Management System, McLeod TMS, is a game-changer in streamlining our operations, optimizing dispatch, and providing a seamless invoicing process. With McLeod TMS, we not only track our fleet and manage dispatch operations, but we also offer enhanced features for customers and brokers.

Customers and brokers can enjoy real-time tracking of their shipments, giving them complete visibility and peace of mind. Additionally, McLeod TMS allows them to access and retrieve important documents such as Bills of Lading (BOLs), invoices, scale tickets, rate confirmations, lumper receipts, and more. This self-service capability empowers our partners to conveniently retrieve and review crucial documents at their convenience.

With McLeod TMS, our invoicing process becomes more efficient and streamlined. We can generate accurate and detailed invoices quickly, reducing the time and effort required for billing operations. By automating invoicing tasks through McLeod TMS, we ensure timely and accurate billing for our customers and brokers, further enhancing the overall experience.

At Crane Transports, we recognize the importance of transparency and accessibility. Through McLeod TMS, we provide real-time tracking, document retrieval, and a smooth invoicing process, ensuring that our customers and brokers have the necessary tools to stay informed and effortlessly manage their shipments. Join us to experience the convenience and efficiency that McLeod TMS brings to freight transportation.



Our partnership with Samsara is essential for Crane Transports' commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation. With real-time tracking, seamless integration with McLeod TMS, and advanced features like e-log management and secure messaging, Samsara empowers us to optimize operations and deliver exceptional service.

Real-time tracking is a core feature of Samsara, enabling us to allocate resources efficiently and respond promptly to changes. Integration with McLeod TMS ensures smooth dispatching operations, allowing us to assign and manage routes seamlessly. E-log management and visibility features ensure compliance with regulations and enhance driver safety.

Samsara's Imagine feature facilitates seamless communication and collaboration within our team through secure messaging. Additionally, route review tools help us optimize our routes by analyzing historical data and identifying inefficiencies. These advanced capabilities enhance overall fleet performance.

In summary, Samsara revolutionizes our operations at Crane Transports. With real-time tracking, integration with McLeod TMS, e-log management, secure messaging, and route review tools, Samsara enables us to optimize efficiency, enhance safety measures, and provide outstanding service. Join us and experience the benefits of Samsara as we prioritize cutting-edge technology in freight transportation.


PC Miler

PC Miler: At Crane Transports, PC Miler is a crucial tool that optimizes our dispatch operations, ensures accurate mileage calculations, and drives informed business decisions. With PC Miler, we accurately gauge mileage and transit time for our drivers, enabling efficient route planning and timely deliveries.

Accurate mileage calculations are a key benefit of PC Miler. By leveraging this software, we determine efficient routes, minimizing unnecessary mileage and reducing fuel consumption. PC Miler enables fair compensation for drivers based on practical and accurate routes.

PC Miler plays a vital role in load booking and dispatching processes, helping us make informed decisions based on factors such as fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With comprehensive data and route optimization capabilities, PC Miler allows us to choose optimal routes that align with our goals and customer expectations.

Additionally, PC Miler empowers us to minimize deadhead miles, the distance traveled without a load. Through precise route calculations and efficient load scheduling, we enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. With PC Miler, we minimize mileage, make efficient routing choices, and reduce deadhead miles, ultimately providing exceptional service while optimizing our operations. Experience the benefits of PC Miler as we leverage advanced technology for efficient and reliable freight transportation.

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